Etihad Airways A380 First Class Apartment to London

After I had collected quite a lot of Etihad Guest miles, I found out that it was possible to fly Abu Dhabi – London in Etihad´s new First Class Apartment for just 55.000 miles + 18€ (80 AED) tax. I surely wanted to use this opportunity for an “once in a lifetime” experience and started planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates.

The day before my flight from Abu Dhabi to London I received a phone call from Etihad´s chauffeur service. A very friendly woman asked if everything´s alright and if I´m happy with my pick up time (5:45 a.m.). We arranged an earlier time so I´d have enough time to enjoy the fabulous First Class lounge.

On the next morning I got picked up at 5:15 a.m. from my hotel near the Corniche. We reached the airport within 20 minutes. Upon arrival I was accompanied to the First Class Check-In. A few moments later I received my boarding pass, cleared customs and passed the security check. I proceeded to the First & Business Class Lounge in Terminal 3.

Boarding began at 7 a.m. A separate First & Business boarding area enables a quick boarding and shortly after that I embarked the gigantic A380, registration A6-APE.

IMG_3489 - Copy_2400.jpg

Upper deck boarding

IMG_3494 - Copy_2400.jpg

Lovely view with the rising sun

When I entered the cabin I was greeted by my personal flight attendant, who guided me to my apartment.

IMG_3730 - Copy_2400

Apartment 4K

My first impression was: wow! It looked even more spacious and luxurious then on the pictures and videos I had seen before.

IMG_3499 - Copy_2400.jpg

Spacious & luxurious

After I sat down I received a welcome drink and the flight attendant explained all functions of the apartment – including the mini-bar & in-flight entertainment system.

When the boarding process was still going on, the Inflight Chef Marco introduced himself, presented the menu card for our 7,5 hour flight to London-Heathrow and wrote down my order for breakfast and lunch.

IMG_3531 - Copy_2400.jpg

A welcome message on the monitor including the names of the Captain, First Officer, Cabin Manager and Inflight Chef

A few minutes after our scheduled time of departure we left foggy Abu Dhabi in a westerly direction and set course for Europe.



IMG_3544 - Copy_2400.jpg

The view of the apartment during our climb

It was pretty cool to observe our flight with the tail camera on the 32-inch flat-screen TV while simultaneously viewing the flight map on the remote control.

IMG_3573 - Copy_2400.jpg

Remote control

IMG_3585 - Copy_2400.jpg

A closer view of the remote control, displaying the flight map with our current position

Breakfast was served a few minutes later. I chose the “Breakfast Bakery Basket” together with some fresh scrambled eggs on toast and sausages – delicious!

IMG_3599 - Copy_2400.jpg


After I finished breakfast, the crew prepared my apartment for a nap and transformed the couch into a bed. According to the tail camera we were somewhere over Iran now.

IMG_3602 - Copy_2400.jpg

Overflying snow-covered Iranian mountains

IMG_3605 - Copy_2400.jpg

Apartment with the comfy and cozy bed

IMG_3607 - Copy_2400.jpg

Another view of the bed

When I woke up again we were somewhere over Bulgaria or Romania. I decided to refresh myself and asked if it´s possible to take a shower now. A few moments later the bathroom was prepared by a flight attendant. She showed me the functions of the unique shower, for example that the water is only available for 5 minutes. The remaining time is indicated by a digital display.

IMG_3724 - Copy_2400

Shower at 41.000 ft

IMG_3655 - Copy_2400

Another bathroom, which was more spacious

Thereafter I went to the lounge/bar area, which is situated between the First and Business Class. A perfect place to have a drink and come into contact with other passengers.

IMG_3632 - Copy_2400.jpg

Bar & lounge area

With a remaining flight time of approximately 1,5 hours my lunch was prepared while we overflew Prague, Czech Republic, at 41.000ft.

IMG_3642 - Copy_2400.jpg

Waiting for lunch

I´d ordered an U.S. Rib-eye Steak with oven-baked French Fries – amazing!!

IMG_3645 - Copy_2400.jpg


One hour later we commenced our descent into London.

IMG_3746 - Copy_2400.jpg

Approaching Heathrow with the CBD clearly visible

We touched down smoothly at around 12 p.m. on runway 27L and taxied to our gate at Terminal 4.

IMG_3762 - Copy_2400.jpg

A last glimpse into the apartment

IMG_3768 - Copy_2400.jpg

A nice view of the beast after disembarking

After collecting my suitcase and clearing customs, I met my chauffeur. He drove me to Gatwick, where I caught my next flight and so this adventure came to an end.

IMG_3772 - Copy_2400.jpg

Chauffeur service to Gatwick

This was surely the best flight I´ve ever had! The experience itself was amazing and the crew was so lovely, especially the Cabin Manager James and the Inflight Chef Marco! I felt very welcomed and comfortable.

Just two words are needed to describe this adventure: Flying Reimagined


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