New Airberlin European Business Class

During our last mileage run to the Canary Islands we used our complimentary upgrade vouchers for Airberlin´s new European Business Class (EBC).

We upgraded the last leg of our routing (Fuerteventura – Cologne) and it was a wise decision as the flight was fully booked. 3 of 4 seats in Business Class were taken.

EBC guests are eligible for security fast lane, lounge access as well as priority boarding. Two overhead bins on each side of the cabin are reserved for these guests. Before take off a smoothie was offered.


Leaving Fuerteventura

When the on board services commenced, we were allowed to order anything we want from the airbistro.

IMG_2912 - Copy_2400.jpg

airbistro and safety card (opb TUIfly)


airbistro – “Complimentary for our Business Class guests”

I decided to start with a classic currywurst (curry sausage).

IMG_2914 - Copy_2400.jpg

Drinks and…


… a SANSIBAR currywurst.

IMG_2902 - Copy_2400.jpg

Overflying Lanzarote

“Collecting miles with topbonus gets you where you want to be. For free.” – that´s absolutely true, hehe!

IMG_2935 - Copy_2400.jpg

Appropriate slogan

The seats in Business Class are the normal economy seats Airberlin uses in their whole fleet. The seat pitch is not really good in the first row. If you are looking for a comfortable seat during a medium-haul flight, the XL seats at the emergency exits are the better choice.

IMG_2944 - Copy_crop_2400.jpg

Business Class headrest

The flight was quite relaxed and the crew was very attentive and professional.

After I had eaten some snacks, I decided to order another hot meal. This time I chose the double cheeseburger, which was surprisingly delicious.

IMG_2952 - Copy_2400.jpg

Double cheeseburger

IMG_2947 - Copy_2400_16x9.jpg

Observing the setting sun…

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset from 38.000ft and soon we were back in Germany after another nice and rewarding trip!

Bottom line: The idea of a European Business Class is nothing new, but could be very important for Airberlin to feed the long haul flights. Otherwise it looks like it was not well planned and this product still has some room for improvement. It would be way better to have a 2-2 seating which more comfortable seats instead of a 3-3 seating (economy seats) with a free centre seat. Nonetheless I was really satisfied with this flight and I am really looking forward to my next EBC flight.


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