Color Line to Oslo

Color Line provides some good offers (especially for travel agents) quite regularly for their mini cruise from Kiel to Oslo and return. It is no wonder that we had to book one of these offers.

We decided to go by train to Kiel.


Kiel central station

Color Line´s pier called ‘Norwegenkai’ is within walking distance from the central station. It takes about 10 minutes to get there.

When we entered the cruise terminal, a lot of passengers were already waiting there.

The check-in process is similar to the ones at an airport. There were self service desks as well as normal counters. You just have to insert your booking code and a few seconds later you will get your boarding pass.


Self Service Check In

The boarding started at 1.15 p.m.

Before we went to the panorama/sun deck, we made our way to our cabin on deck 8 and stored our luggage there.


Inside cabin with a double bed

The departure hour of Kiel was on time. After that we started to explore the ship.


Leaving Kiel

A shopping area with some stores and bars is located on deck 7 and the decoration looks fabulous.


Promenade on deck 7

It leads from the reception to the rear part of the ship, where a bar and a restaurant can be found. A giant glass facade facing the ocean looks absolutely amazing.


Oceanic à la Carte restaurant

In the meantime the sea was quite rough, a storm tide was expected for the Baltic Sea on that day. Therefore the weather was not really good and so we decided to stay inside after we passed the city of Laboe.

The next morning began really early. The alarm clock went off at 6 a.m. We were among the first passengers at the breakfast buffet, which was gorgeous. It was really comparable to a normal cruise ship.


Breakfast buffet


Delicious breakfast

The arrival in Oslo was expected for 9.30 a.m. The pier is within walking distance from the city centre, about 1,5 km from the city hall. Instead of doing a guided city tour by bus we decided to explore the city on our own.


Good morning, Oslo!

Our first stop was near the city hall and the harbour.


Sunrise at the harbour


City hall

We continued on one of the main streets towards the famous opera building.


Passing Oslo Stock Exchange

The temperature was at about -12 degrees, so the water was iced.


Opera house

It is possible to climb up the roof of the opera. From above you can get a glorious view of the city.

IMG_3865 - Copy_2400.jpg

Opera house


Glorious view of the city

From the opera we continued walking towards the Royal Palace, passing a lot of nice buildings and stores in the pedestrian area.

IMG_3906 - Copy_2400.jpg

Oslo Cathedral



The palace can already be seen from the far distance you can reach it through a small park.


Castle square / Slottsplassen


The Royal Palace

After we had looked around for a few minutes, we went back to the ship. Our city tour took about 3 hours.

Near the pier it was possible to take some more detailed shots of Color Magic.


Color Magic


Color Magic

Shortly after schedule we left Oslo in the afternoon. The best view was surely from the helipad in the rear part of the ship.


Leaving Oslo; bye bye!

The sun was quite low already and as we passed through the Oslofjord we witnessed a beautiful sunset.


Passing through the Oslofjord



The next morning was unspectacular. After an extensive breakfast we packed our bags and waited for the arrival in Kiel, which was on time again.


Arriving back in Kiel at 10 a.m.

See you next time, Color Magic!




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