Helicopter flight around Honolulu, Hawaii [video]

A few weeks ago my dad visited the beautiful island Oʻahu, part of Hawaii, together with my aunt. They spent a week there and definitely had the time of their lives. The highlight was surely a helicopter flight around Honolulu including Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. Click the video and enjoy some stunning scenes of a beautiful spot on earth.

Some more pictures of the flight:

IMG_2135_edit - Copy_2400.jpg

Departing Honolulu International Airport


Magic Island Lagoon


Ala Wai Boat Harbor & Kahanamoku Beach


Waikiki Beach

IMG_2196_edit - Copy_2400.jpg

Diamond Head

IMG_2200_edit - Copy_2400.jpg

Diamond Head

IMG_2208_edit - Copy_2400.jpg


IMG_2265_edit - Copy_2400.jpg

Arriving back at the airport

IMG_2277_edit - Copy_2400.jpg

Line up of 3 Transair Cargo B737-200


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