Athens | Acropolis and Mount Lykavittos

Two weeks ago it was carnival time in Germany again and so it was a pleasant opportunity for us to do a short trip again. We came up with a great flight deal to Istanbul and Athens.

On Saturday morning we took the ICE via Cologne to Dusseldorf. From there we were supposed to fly to Istanbul with AtlasGlobal. Everything went fine and a few minutes behind schedule we left Germany.

IMG_5593 - Copy_2400.jpg

Off to Isanbul!

IMG_5615 - Copy_2400

Leaving Dusseldorf via runway 23L

The flight itself was good. The cabin of the A321 looked a bit old fashioned and battered but the crew and service were very nice. We arrived at Istanbul well on time.

IMG_5662 - Copy_2400.jpg

Deboarding at Istanbul

After we had cleared immigration as well as collected our luggage, we took the shuttle bus to our hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Airport. Upon arrival the agent at the reception informed us that we got upgraded to a suite due to my dad’s Hilton Hhonors Gold status.

IMG_5670 - Copy_2400.jpg

Suite @ HGI Istanbul Airport

IMG_5671 - Copy_2400.jpg

Suite @ HGI Istanbul Airport

IMG_5679_16x9 - Copy_2400.jpg

Some sweets as a welcome gift

The next morning we woke up quite early to enjoy the fabulous breakfast buffet before the shuttle bus transfered us back to the airport. After checking in we proceeded through security and passport control and headed to the lounge. In fact, it is the World´s best Business Class lounge.

IMG_5716 - Copy_2400.jpg

Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge

We spent our waiting time there and enjoyed a second breakfast.

IMG_5687 - Copy_2400.jpg

One of the many buffets

IMG_5712 - Copy_2400

Slot car racing track

IMG_5724 - Copy_2400

Billiard and reading corner

A few minutes before boarding time we went to the gate. Our aircraft was parked on an outside parking position, so a bus brought us there. The flight was only half booked with roughly 30 pax.

IMG_5738_16x9 - Copy_2400.jpg

Turkish B77W as seen from our bus

The departure out of Istanbul was smooth and scenic. The flight itself took about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

IMG_5791 - Copy_2400.jpg

Departing Istanbul with the city visible

IMG_5863 - Copy_2400.jpg

After arrival at Athens

After arrival we got picked up by a very good friend and together we went to our hotel in the city centre. Its location was perfect as it was within walking distance of the Acropolis.

It was my first time in Athens so it was on my bucket list to visit the Acropolis. Walking up there can be a bit exhausting but once you are on top, it is definitely worth it.

IMG_5883 - Copy_2400.jpg

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

IMG_5911 - Copy_2400.jpg


IMG_5927 - Copy_2400.jpg


IMG_5941 - Copy_2400.jpg


Afterwards I went back down and met my parents and our friend again. Together we went to the old town to enjoy some very good food!

IMG_5988 - Copy_2400.jpg

Souvlaki – yuuummy!!!

The plan for the afternoon and evening was ‘climbing up’ another hill: Lykavittos! It offers the best view of Athens and you can take some gorgeous pictures of the Acropolis. On our way we passed by the Greek Parliament.

IMG_6011 - Copy_2400.jpg

Greek Parliament

IMG_6014 - Copy_2400.jpg

Stylish old car

IMG_6035 - Copy_2400.jpg

Overviewing Athens

IMG_6062_edit - Copy_2400.jpg

Acropolis during the blue hour

IMG_6069_edit - Copy_2400.jpg

Acropolis during the blue hour

The short trip ended with a pleasant and scenic flight with Aegean to Munich. From there we took the ICE high speed train back to Aachen via Frankfurt.

IMG_6136 - Copy_2400.jpg

Departing Athens

IMG_6153 - Copy_2400.jpg

Overflying the city of Athens while heading north

IMG_6209 - Copy_2400.jpg

Approaching Munich

IMG_6240_edit - Copy_2400.jpg

Left turn to intercept the localizer

IMG_6249 - Copy_2400_edit.jpg

View of the Alps and an Lufthansa A346 on downwind

IMG_6311 - Copy_2400px_16x9_sw.jpg

Brand-new Lufthansa A350 at the gate


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