Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge

The Turkish Airlines business class lounge at Istanbul´s Ataturk International Airport belongs to the best lounges worldwide and according to Skytrax it is the second best business class lounge in the world.

For business class passengers as well as Turkish Airlines Elite Plus members there is a separate entrance which offers direct access from the check-in area into the lounge. The normal entrance is located on the far left of the terminal and is only one or two minutes walking from the passport and security control.

IMG_5729 - Copy_2400


The lounge is built on two floors. Both entrances are located on the upper floor. Once you enter the lounge you can store your hand baggage in special storage boxes.

IMG_5726 - Copy_2400.jpg

Entrance hall and storage boxes

IMG_5698 - Copy_2400.jpg

Storage boxes and exit on the lower level

Next to the entrance there is a reading corner and billiard table.

IMG_5724 - Copy_2400.jpg

Reading corner and billiard table’

The floors are connected with stairs and an elevator. A giant ‘globe’ is the centerpiece in the middle of the lounge.

IMG_5716 - Copy_2400

‘Widen Your World’

IMG_5691 - Copy_2400.jpg

The view from downstairs

Several food stations with different choices can be found nearly everywhere, e.g. a normal breakfast buffet or a special buffet for cakes and dessert.

IMG_5686 - Copy_2400.jpg

Breakfast buffet

IMG_5687 - Copy_2400.jpg

Breakfast buffet

IMG_5689 - Copy_2400.jpg

Dessert buffet with a lot of cakes

IMG_5695 - Copy_2400

Freshly made simits (Turkish bagel) in an old push cart

There are some beverage stations as well with all kinds of soft drinks, juices and water.

IMG_5702 - Copy_2400.jpg

Beverage station

For a range of alcoholic beverages there are some extra tables, for example next to the TV wall and relaxation area.

IMG_5704 - Copy_2400.jpg

Alcoholic beverages and TV wall

Furthermore there are two work / computer stations, one on each floor. A few iMacs and printers are available for usage. WiFi reception and speed is good in all areas of the lounge.

IMG_5688 - Copy_2400.jpg

Work station

The entertainment area contains a golf simulator, a slot car racing track as well as two PlayStation 4.

IMG_5707 - Copy_2400.jpg

Golf simulator

IMG_5712 - Copy_2400.jpg

Slot car racing track

The restrooms are furnished stylishly.

IMG_5700 - Copy_2400.jpg


A huge positive aspect about the lounge is that there are a lot of seating areas. Although it can get quite crowded during the rush hours, there is always enough space for everyone.

IMG_5694 - Copy_2400.jpg

Seating area on the lower level

Bottom line: this lounge is just super amazing! It is very easy to spend the waiting time here for the next flight and enjoy some culinary delicacy. Especially the storage boxes are useful and make the stay more relaxed. The staff is friendly and attentive.


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